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Week 4

1. Emerging Issues in the Measurement of Rape Victimization

Sarah L. Cook, Christine A. Gidcyz, Mary P. Koss, & Megan Murphy

2. Difficulties in Defining Hate Crime Victimization

Jon Garland

3. Detecting Intimate Partner Violence in Family and Divorce Remediation: A Randomized Trial of Intimate Partner Violence Screening

Robin H. Ballard, Amy Holtzworth-Munroe, Amy G. Applegate, & Connie J. Beck

4. Cognitive Mechanisms Underlying Recovered-Memory Experiences of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Elke Geraerts, D. Stephen Lindsay, Harald Merckelbach, Marko Jelicic, Linsey Raymaekers, Michelle M. Arnold, & Jonathan W. Schooler

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