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Design and implement a computer game similar to the Pocket Trivia game mentioned on pages 19–20 of the e-textbook. Although this may be your first game, you should not lower your standards. You must make your best effort to make the game interesting, expandable, and useful, so that it would attract players if you had the opportunity to publish it on the Internet. Further requirements follow:

The game is to quiz learners on their knowledge on material covered in the e-textbook we are using for this course.

You are to use all the multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter in the e-textbook. The questions must be stored in text files, one file for each chapter. As we are using an e-text, it is not time-consuming to copy and paste the questions from the e-text into your text files.

The game should provide a mechanism for users to choose if the quiz will be on the entire text, a particular unit, or a particular chapter, and then the questions will be read into the game program accordingly.

The multiple-choice question presented to the user each time should be randomly selected from the list imported from the text file or files.

The game will show the points the user scored dynamically in the form of ratio.

The game should begin with a welcome/introduction page that tells what the game is and how the user should play, and then should advance to the quiz after a delay or a key-press.

Use graphics, colours, background music, and sound effects to make the game interesting and user-friendly.

The game should be designed and made flexible so that sound effects, graphics, and colours can be easily changed.

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