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A critical Review of “An evaluation of the impact of leadership management on financial performance of UK retail industry”

Write start from SUMMARY part to CRITIQUE part.
In summary part,
1. Summarise the key points, giving a limited number of relevant examples & explaining the author’s purpose / intentions.
2. consider giving a brief description of how the author has organised his/her paper.
In Critique part
1.    Analyse & evaluate the strengths, weaknesses & notable features of the paper.
2.    Use clear criteria as a basis for your discussion.
3.    Refer to other credible sources to support your evaluation. ( numbers of Sources is based on how many you
4.    Recommend improvements to the paper (ideas, research approaches, theories, models, frameworks).
5.    How well is the analytical basis of the paper set out?
6.    Are all arguments supported by reference to data, theory or work by others?
7.    To what extent has the author applied this analysis themselves to the specific topic?

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