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A One-Day Project Management Training Programme for Level 6 Undergraduate Students;

Mr Big from Smart Ideas Ltd (the Client) has approached your organisation Project Management Ltd (PML) with an exciting consultancy assignment, namely to plan and cost out a one day project management training programme.  Your consultancy considers this assignment as a golden opportunity to enter a growth market of education planning and management.

The project is currently in the feasibility stage and Mr Big is seeking advice from your consultancy on the future phases (and activities) of the project from definition through to delivery.  Mr Big has handed your group a list of hurriedly prepared project objectives, project requirements and constraints (see below).

Project Objectives
To prepare a one-day UG Project Management training programme for Level 6 undergraduate students on the fundamentals of project management, including the use of Microsoft Project and Critical Path Analysis for delivery on Friday 15th May 2015 within a maximum budget of £10,000.

A return of 20% is expected.
Project Requirements
The project requirements agreed at the meeting were as follows:
–    An exciting and unique day of training to engage, enthuse and provide a core grounding in the fundamentals of project management.
–    A blend of academic and industry users of the software are required to present the use of MS Project and CPA in project management;
–    A communication plan to engage and consult with key stakeholders.
–    A rigorous marketing campaign using social media and other methods is conducted to ensure a maximum take up by potential students from a number of Universities;
–    Delegates are to be provided with a handbook of each presenters notes;
–    Refreshments and a lunch buffet to be provided to delegates;
–    Use of eventbrite or other system to be used for registering and communicating with delegates
–    Delegates are sent a welcome pack once registered;
–    Plan the training day and identify the critical activities;
–    Plan the content of the one day training in outline;
–    Advise on a suitable team structure that will be required to deliver the training day successfully;
–    Identify the key risks that might be encountered on the project;
and determine;
–    A means of monitoring and controlling the project once the go ahead is given.

Project Assumptions
Your team will need to make assumptions to enable the cost of the project to be estimated.  These MUST be made explicit in your report.  Research for business rates is expected and should be referenced.

Project Deliverables/Milestones
The costing and planning report must be submitted to Mr Big from Smart Ideas Ltd by Friday 8th May 2015.   There will be deliverables and milestones within the project and your team will need to advise Mr Big on these.
Agreed Tasks
One of your first tasks is to decide who in the team is to be the Project Manager and organise roles within the team.

It was agreed at the end of the first meeting with Mr Big that the following would be undertaken for the final report:

a.    Define your team’s approach to developing your project plan using the Project Life Cycle;
b.    Develop a scope statement;
c.    Outline the main themes for the training day –you are not expected to produce slides – only a summary / maybe a mind map of each presentation;
d.    Develop and explain the work breakdown structure (WBS);
e.    Include a suitable team structure for each phase of the project;
f.    Estimate time and cost durations of activities both before and on the delivery day;
g.    Construct a Gantt chart to determine the baseline cost and duration of the project and analyse it;
h.    Provide a process for monitoring and controlling the project;
i.    Construct an outline project risk register;
j.    Conduct a Stakeholder Analysis of the project; and
k.    Provide the project recommendation / pitch to Mr Big.

You will need to make some assumptions to complete this exercise and must ensure that these are justified logical, robust and consistent.  The assumptions should be based on research of rates in the public sector and included in your appendices.

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