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Conduct a risk assessment of a town, state, or country other than your own, and create a strategic mitigation, response, and recovery plan for presentation before the emergency planning board of your community.

Address the following in 10–12 pages:

What is the hazard or risk that you believe should be mitigated?
Why is this hazard or risk a priority?
What steps should be taken to mitigate the risk (project description)?
What other examples of this hazard or risk and your recommended solution strategy exist? Were they successful?
What are the anticipated costs associated with your suggested strategy?
What are the legal, political, and community impacts of the project?
What are the potential impacts or outcomes in those 3 domains if the recommended project is not undertaken?
Based upon the emergency management concept of incident management that includes the phases of preparedness and mitigation, response, and recovery, please identify the actions that will need to be taken in each phase as they relate to the hazard you have selected.
Identify the major challenges that the community and responders will encounter when responding to the hazard.
What solutions exist (e.g., mutual aid, contract services) to overcome those challenges? Explain in detail.
What should be the short- and long-term recovery goals of the community following this event’s occurrence?

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