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Who are the “dangerous few” and how have critics used this against prison abolition? How have abolitionists responded to this critique?
Angela Davis discusses abolitionism rather than prison reform. Describe the difference between both and the arguments she uses to critique prison reform.
Economic policies of neoliberalism, whereby corporations were allowed to seek low paid work throughout the world, contributed to mass incarceration in the US. Explain this.
How has the 13th amendment contributed to both mass incarceration today and the disproportionate representation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in prisons?
How is punishment today different than that of early modern society? List two ways and explain.
How do corporations’ profit through the use of prison labor? Explain how the system works and give examples.
What was the reasoning behind isolating/segregating solitary inmates from one another and placing them under heavy one-way surveillance? How was this accomplished in early US prisons?
Why was “feminine” criminality seen as more threatening than “masculine” criminality?
Provide the most recent statistics you can find that indicate the racial demographics of prisoners incarcerated in the US prison system. Interpret this data. What conclusions can you draw?
What is the Prison Industrial Complex? Explain how it works.

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