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You are required to prepare a well-structured, well-referenced analytical academic report on the case study below:

Digital Strategy of Proctor and Gamble:
Becoming more agile and efficient

With particular reference to the value chain, discuss the benefits and risks that may be inherent in Proctor and Gamble’s digital strategy.



1.    This assignment is based on the case study but you are expected to do research over and above the case study regarding the issues there but you do not need to update the case study.  I have added the references which accompany the case study as a starting point for your research.

2.    You are allowed to use Internet sources for this assignment but you need to make sure that you are critical of them, which means assessing the purpose for which they were developed and for whom, ie how credible are they?

3.    Read the case study several times.  Your focus needs to be on the value chain.

4.    In your discussion, you will need to address the questions raised in the later sections of the case study:
1)    How has the implementation of this strategy changed the structure of P&G?
2)     How has it affected external stakeholders of the company, eg suppliers, customers, etc?
3)    How has it affected internal stakeholders and their roles within the company and how were they helped to cope with the new way of working?
4)    What would be the consequences of a technological crash at P&G?
5)    What would be the consequences of a major outage at P&G, ie loss of power beyond  P&G’s control?

5.    Make recommendations on suitable strategies P&G might put in place to mitigate or even avoid these risks.

Grading criteria

?    The content of your work should show evidence of:
•    research
•    a well-explained and logical structure
•    a critical approach to your sources
•    understanding of the concepts
•    sound, well-rounded arguments
•    attention to the brief (you must do what is asked)

?    The presentation of your work will be assessed according to the following criteria:
•    has appropriate format and headings
•    is written in an academic style and language
•    is appropriately referenced, using the Harvard Referencing System, both in the text and on the list of sources.
•    avoids use of shortened verb forms, 1st/2nd person or colloquialisms/journalese.
•    is free of errors of grammar, spelling and typography
•    complies with instructions in the “Rules for presentation of written work” in MIP
•    achieves a similarity score of 10% or less on Turnitin.

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