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There is not a set number of slides that the presentation needs to be. It needs to make sure to cover all of the key points that the instructor noted on the description of the project. The course is Social Work with Vulnerable Children and Families.

Exploration Project Project Details
This project is aimed for the student to demonstrate their ability to understand, integrate and
apply course content to current and real-life situations. The student will identify a current
event/topic that is course related and pertaining to children and families involved on some level
in the justice system and/or child welfare system. The event/topic should have been (or be)
documented in the media – i.e. a newspaper story, magazine article, online article, video-clip,
etc. in one or multiple places. Once chosen, the student will critically analyze the event/topic,
applying course content and supporting their analysis through scholarly research.
A minimum of one current course related newspaper or magazine article and/or news video clip
(within the past 6 months) that involves juvenile justice/delinquency, adult crime or child welfare
will be utilized for this project. If there are additional articles/video clips, either as further
development of the original current event or as supplementary stories, these should be included
in your project.

Students will create a PowerPoint presentation with audio and/or video detailing the following:

• Briefly summarize the article; provide the location in which the incident occurred and lay
the foundation for your analysis. Provide the link to your article in the presentation.
• Note: If there are supplementary stories, they may be included as well.
• Your presentation will address the following items:
• Note: You are not doing investigative reporting on the specific article you chose. You are
using that article as a foundation to explore a broader topic. Example: Article is about a
15-year-old adolescent who was convicted of murder and sentenced to adult prison. The
topic for exploration could be Should Adolescents Be Charged as Adults
• Introduction of topic and any clarifying history
• Literature review and supporting information. Identify fallacies and common misinformation associated with this current event
• Relevance to this class
• Identified dual relevance to social work, child welfare, juvenile justice or criminal justice
fields. Identify how players (public, court, law enforcement, social workers) may differ or
• Clinical impact issues
• Cultural or ethical issues
• Summary & recommendations. Explain why this article inspired you and what you
personally derived from its information

In conclusion, ask one or two open-ended questions to your peers that will generate a short
discussion in their forum response(s) to your presentation. Question should spark critical
thinking of your audience

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