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Analyzing visuals and explaining your reasoning will help you process course concepts and prepare for upcoming visuals-heavy assignments. Additionally, participating in a discussion based on bridging different points of view helps you practice you-attitude and build goodwill with your peers.

For this discussion, you will complete Exercise 13.6 (pp. 462-464) in our textbook. The assignment’s directions read:

With soaring obesity rates in the United States, the government continues to produce visuals that encourage healthy eating habits. While the food pyramids have been the norm, their messages have been largely ignored by U.S. citizens. The newest version of the visual to encourage healthy eating uses a plate with various portion sizes for fruits, grains, vegetables, protein, and dairy.

Analyze the visuals: Figures 13.33, 13.34, and 13.35 on pages 462-464 in our textbook, using the following considerations:

Which version of the visual is right for the story?
Which healthy eating visual is clearest?
Which is most informative?
Which will most likely encourage healthy eating habits?
Which visuals contain chartjunk?
Which do you prefer? Why?

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