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Applied Business Research

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Produce a research report on a topic :
What can be done do increase the amount of graduating Univeristy students choosing to attend Mastres degree.

For assignment route 1 you should submit an applied research report. The report should address a substantive and non-trivial topic and should conform to the structure shown below –
Background; Scope and context for the study (100 words)
Problem Statement: This section will provide the research topic and research question and objectives of the study. (50 words)
Literature Review: Conduct and present a detailed review of relevant literature relevant to your research question. (1000 words)
Research Methodology: Here you should critically present your proposed research methodology. This should present and critically justify your strategic decisions on research philosophy and strategy and how these influenced the subsequent research design. You should describe and critically analyse tactical decisions concerning key issues such as population and sample, and methods of data collections. Describe how you survey instrument was constructed and utilized in your study. Describe the types of descriptive statistics that you are proposing to employ and any use of inferential statistics that you are proposing to use. (600 words)
For any qualitative portion describe your anticipated process for qualitative analysis or coding process you will use (Cite references to support your proposals)

Ethics. You must discuss any ethical issues that are relevant to your research topic, participants, and method. Discuss how you are going to deal with the ethical issues (250 words)
Data collection and Analysis: Provide here your descriptive and statistical analyses of your collected data and any secondary research you wish to include. (500 words)
Conclusion: your interpretation of your data based on its analysis (350 words)
Research limitations: Critical reflection on the limitations of the study that could affect the reliability, validity or generalizability of the research (150)
References: What sources did you use and list accordingly (using APA format).

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