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In your case report from PSY 622, you were asked to create a recommendation report for risk assessment of your client. You were also asked to specifically align all of those recommendations with the ethics guidelines of forensic psychologists.

For this milestone, take the feedback you were given and revise the risk assessment report and ethics portions of your case report. Additionally, add material—a code of ethics and a risk assessment—to your existing work as you move toward the summative assignment.

thank you for selecting a case report to expand on in this course! Mr. X is my favorite case for this project. As a friendly reminder, this report will serve as the basic “bare bones” of this course’s major assignments (milestone). Students are expected to expand a great deal on content from this case by adding new and credible content. Be sure to read the announcements each week as they elaborate on what is expected for each milestone due. Ensure that you are also reading the rubric for each milestone and being mindful of the content requirements and length.

Remember, these milestones use basic vignette information from the 622 course vignettes, but (because this is a different course) you will be adding a significant amount of new information to your milestones. As another helpful reminder for future milestones, please do not include any information that is not being requested for that specific milestone (i.e. do not submit your whole case study with sections that are not pertinent to that milestone).

All of this content is also addressed in the comprehensive weekly announcements, as previously mentioned, so it’s essential that students check the announcements before submitting or completing their submissions. Again, the announcements act as FAQs and answer frequently asked questions as well as providing recommendations for what to include in the milestones. It is strongly suggested that students continue to use properly-formatted subheaders that align with the rubric sections to organize your content within the submissions. As a friendly reminder, for upcoming assignments, be sure to keep direct quotes to an absolute minimum and use paraphrasing instead to put content into your own words.

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