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Art HIstory (module; Seeing and Showing)

‘Seeing and Showing’ review portfolio project

(ignore directions above review A- that has been sent in a separate order. this order is for B and C only)

(2 reviews. both 1000 words each, following similar theme. one about a place of commerce. one of Lucy Lippard exhibition. details attached)

Summative work: Portfolio of 3 x Reviews (1000 words each).

This summative ‘portfolio’ comprises reviews A and B, which you may revise in light

of feedback, plus a new critical review of an exhibition or other space of display that

you have seen during the academic year 2014-2015. If you revise reviews A and B,

do not exceed the word count. Choose your exhibition or other space of display for

review C carefully, so that it enables you to further develop themes brought to

attention on this module. You should refer to the texts discussed in class as well as

your own research in order to analyse one of these spaces in terms the power and

aesthetics of display.

Review A. (attached Tate Britain doc) To be completed to the word count of 1000 and perfected.

Review B. 1 x 1000 words review

(further information in attached ‘Review B and C’ doc)

Beyond art and exhibitionary practices, our understanding of visual

cultures implicates the visually constructed field that makes up contemporary life. As

such, we encounter spaces of display beyond the museum and the gallery.

For this formative assessment, you are asked to write a critical review of a space of

commerce. Spaces of commerce can be defined simply as a place in which money is

exchanged for goods and/or services. Historically, the department store has been

posited as the modern space of commerce par excellence, but other examples

include the boutique, the supermarket, and more recently the ‘pop-up’. How do such

spaces in which the commodity is central construct themselves as spaces of display?

You are to select one current space of commerce and review it in 1000 words.

This review may be revised as a component for your final assessment.

Review C

One 1000 review on the following Lucy Lippard exhibition:

(more details in attached ‘Review B and C’ doc)


(would like B and C to follow a similar theme)

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