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Assignment 3: PowerPoint Presentation

For this assignment, you need to present a plan for your final essay in the form of a PowerPoint and oral presentation.
in 9 slides
– Include a title with your name; MICHELLE CUMMINS; student number; s278735 (slide 1);
– Explain your orientation to the essay question/introduce your chosen workplace (slide 2),
-State your thesis statement (overall argument) in one sentence (slide 3);
– Present your essay plan, either as a taxonomy or a flow chart (a visual representation of your essay (slide 4),
– Explain your main supporting arguments, allowing one slide per main argument. These should be taken directly from your essay plan (slides 5, 6 &7);
– List the references that you have found the most useful so far and briefly explain how and why they are useful to support your arguments (slide 8);
– present a draft conclusion or further research that you still need to do (slide 9).
-EXTERNAL STUDENTS have to record their voice 9as though presenting to an audience) within PowerPoint. ****I NEED THIS TO***
– ALL STUDENTS have to provide a written version of your script (of your spoken presentation) as part of your submission. This needs to be in the presentation notes section on each slide, or included as a Word document and zipped in the folder with the cover page and PowerPoint file.
]LENGTH; Maximum 5 minutes
Maximum 9 slides
You need to create a zipped file, containing your PowerPoint file , a completed cover sheet and your written script (if not included in the slides notes). You submit this zipped file by clicking on “assignment 3′
Foe a step-by-step guide on zipping your files, search ‘zip a file” on YouTube.
Things to consider for assignment 3:
-Read the task description carefully, and make sure that you include all of the information required;
– Talk/present to an audience. this means:
– being engaging- with your tone, and words;
-Making your slides readable from a distance;
– Keeping your slides uncluttered-bullet points not full sentences;
– speaking appropriately for an academic environment
-Use a design template to ensure that all of your slides appear consistent.

FINAL ESSAY TOPIC IS: Critical discussion of graduate attributes.
Task: for may final essay : Discuss whether social responsibility, communication, and teamwork are important skills in your current or future workplace. You should discuss why they are important or not and as part of your evidence give examples of how they are used.
This is my last assignment question that assignment 3 is based on, i currently work in a hospital on a surgical/medical ward as an Enrolled Endorsed Nurse and my future employment will be Registered Nurse.

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