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provide background information for both global economy and marketing and the type of technology that has impacted it. You will need to develop a central idea that is supportable with your research. It does not have to be an argument or arguable thesis, but it should highlight an issue which would not be common knowledge to your readers
Introduction: Briefly define or describe the issue that you are investigating and explain 1) how it relates to global economy and marketing, 2) what makes it important and 3) what makes it controversial or worth researching. This is the section where you contextualize your topic.

Thesis: At the end of your Introduction, assert your position regarding the issue you have chosen to focus on and provide a rationale or reasoning for this position (this only applies in an argumentative essay). Note: A well-written thesis should be complex and is usually articulated in more than one sentence.


Option a. If you are writing an informational essay, provide credible sources that support your information. These sources should encompass the opposing views on the issue you have chosen.

Option b. If you are writing an argumentative essay, provide credible evidence that supports your position and refutes opposing arguments. Use appeals (logos, pathos and ethos) to strengthen your argument. Make sure to also acknowledge or anticipate and respond to the opposing argument/s.

Conclusion: Bring your paper to a satisfactory end by recapping the information you have presented (for an informational essay) or by reasserting your position using different wording (for an argumentative essay) and (for both essays) emphasizing the relevance of your information or position to your field of study as well as to your audience (the big picture). Finally, think about what you want to leave your reader thinking about or to take away from your essay?

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