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Establish a hypothesis.
Include a brief summary of the general background of your topic (i.e. if you do something on colors, then the general psychological topic would be perception or sensation). In other words, why would the psychological world care about your question? Has your question or experiment been completed before by professionals? What is the existing research on your topic? Let us know. You should incorporate psychological principles and concepts to which your topic relates throughout your project.
Decide what methodology you will use to “do” the question (i.e. experiment, survey, naturalistic observations, interviews). You must provide detailed information regarding your methodology (type, sample size, variables, possible mistakes you made, etc.). Surveys/interviews must have at least 15 questions.
“Do” your question. Perform your experiments, create your surveys, etc. You must have either video or photo documentation of this. If it is an experiment (which most of them should be), use our class as subjects. We need to see what you actually did. Make sure you have utilized at least 10 people for a survey or a hands-on experiment. Use Survey Monkey or another online survey tool to generate a survey and post on social media/send through email. You must allow our class to participate in your research in an engaging manner.
Gather your results, analyze your data, draw conclusions, and create your presentation. Tell us the story of how you got to where you are at the end of your project. Perhaps, perform your experiment on the class as part of your presentation. Use clips. Make it fun. Presentations should be 8-10 minutes in length.

Possible Ideas:

Do colors really impact moods? Do some colors make people feel calm and others leave them feeling agitated?
Do people pick their friends based on the same level of attractiveness?
Does wearing eyeglasses make you look smarter?
The effect of need for achievement on student’s susceptibility towards cheating.
Is there a correlation between personality type and reality TV watchers?
Does eating breakfast really help students do better in school? Compare test scores of students who ate breakfast to those who did not?
Do people who use the social media site Facebook exhibit signs of addiction?
How much information can people store in short-term memory? A simple word memorization experiment is an excellent and fairly easy psychology experiment idea.
Are there gender differences in performance on math tests?
Can smelling one thing while tasting another impact a person’s ability to detect what the food really is?

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