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Draw the Lewis structures for each of the following molecules and determine the electron pair
geometry and the molecular geometry as predicted by the VSEPR.
1) F2
2) N2
3) ICL
4) CO2
5) NH3
6) CF4
7) C2H6
8) C2H4
9) C2H2
10) HCN
11) SO2
12) HNO3 (the hydrogen is bonded to one of the oxygens).
13) CH4O
For each of the following polyatomic ions, draw all resonance structures. Based on the formal
charges identify which is the best resonance structure. (if all resonance structures are equivalent
indicate so next to the structure). Indicate the bond angles as predicted by VSEPR for the best
structure .

14) OH15) CN16) ClO2

17) ClO3

18) CO3
19) SO3
20) SCN-

21) HCO2

22) NO2
State the hybridization of each of the central atom in each of the following.
23) ClO2

24) ClO3

25) CO3
26) SO3

27) SCN28) HCO2

29) NO2 –
30) Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is a reactive molecule, often used an antiseptic and sometimes
used for bleaching. Draw a Lewis structure for hydrogen peroxide (peroxide is a
polyatomic ion). What is the oxidation state of the oxygen in hydrogen peroxide?
Suggest a reason for its reactivity.
31) What is the hybridization of the central atom in Acetone CH3COCH3?
32) How many sigma bonds and how many pi bonds are in Acetone?
33) Ozone (O3) is needed in the stratosphere to absorb (and filter out) potentially damaging
ultraviolet light. However, in the lower atmosphere is a dangerous pollutant as it is a very
reactive form of oxygen and as a result, very toxic and destructive. Draw the two
reasonable structures, include formal charges. (Hint: it is not a ring) Suggest a reason for
its high reactivity

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