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Business Law – Responsible consumer practice

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You and your partner own a small business enterprise, ‘Stiletto’, which is situated on a busy high street in a wealthy suburb of Harborne. Your outlet, which retails (both in store and online) branded shoes, boots and hand-bags, has a focus on high quality and high prices to match the consumer demographic of the local area. You are keen to ensure that your customers receive top quality service, building a strong reputation and loyal customer base. You wish to be recognised as a brand which not only complies with consumer legislation, but also strives to go beyond this and embed good social and environmental business practices.
You have 8 members of staff working in the outlet and you always attempt to engage your team in decisions relating to the business. So with your mind firmly committed to quality service, you both decide to host a training session to develop greater awareness of consumer protection and present your ideas to go beyond legal compliance.

The 10 MINUTES presentation will take place as a pair (representing the owners of the business) with the purpose of training your small team of staff. The presentation will need to be divided equally between your pair and must:

• Explain the importance of customer satisfaction and legal compliance to a small business (your business);
• Outline key consumer legislation which relates to the business, providing specific examples, with clear explanation of how you and your team will ensure Stiletto complies.
• In addition, you will present at least 4 suggestions (minimum of 2 each) of how the business may achieve its objectives of going beyond the law and adopting socially and environmentally responsible practices.
To support your training sessions you will also provide each member of the team with a written summary (of up to 750 words) in the form of a joint report highlighting key points of the legislations contained within the presentation, so that they can refer to the document as necessary during the course of their daily duties.

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