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business leadership interview

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Individual Assignment ( min 2500 words) Business leadership

Guidance for Individual Assignment
Each student will interview a leader of her choice. The goal is to provide you with insights about leadership that cannot be obtained from classroom experience alone. Choose a senior leader in an industry that is personally interesting to you.
While you may find it difficult to find and interview a leader, you will find that most leaders will be honored to be asked about their experiences and will be willing to meet with you. Leaders’ schedules are often tight, and your biggest challenge will be to find free time to meet them. Extensions will not be granted due to last minute scheduling. The leader can work in any type of business, must be at least 3 years as a senior manager in that company.

The aim of the assignment is to study and develop Emirati leaders, their lessons of experiences (LOE), both beneficial to Emirati leaders’ and to the international leaders’ development to know UAE better and work efficiently.

Written Report Requirements

1- Introduction: What It Is and Why It’s Important
What are the leadership challenges or developmental issues this assignment addresses? Give the reader a general view of the topic. Why is it important for the reader to address this issue? (10 points)

2- Lessons of Experiences interviewed ( in story format)
Descript the lessons of experiences in your interview. Three events and nine lessons should be included in this part. (40 points)

3- How to Meet the Challenge or Develop the Skill
This is the how-to part of the assignment, and it’s where you will develop most of your content.

Lay out a developmental plan according the events (20 points)

4- What are organizational challenges to develop this plan (20 points)

5- Conclusion, Wrap It Up
Bring back around to the main point. End with some encouraging words that connect the developmental work they take on to the bigger picture of better leadership and better organizations. (10 points)

6- refrences

Interview Questions addressed

Interview questions that the answe can be used in the 2nd part: lessons of experiences :

In a leader’s career to be successful as he/she is now, the leader has had some memorable experiences/events to make them who they are. Ask the top three events/experiences in their career one by one. And what they have learnt from each event. Before they talk, ask them to think for a while and then answer your interview questions. They could be childhood hardship, a family crisis, a role model, an assignment….

1- What are top three events managers have had in their career?
2- What three lessons have they learnt from each event to be effective leaders?
Interview questions to develop a leader,

3- Have they linked their own events and lessons to develop other leaders?
4- What can the manager/leader do to address these challenges?
5- What are their organizational challenges or developmental issues to develop leaders?
Further follow-up questions if necessary.


The interviews and written report are to be prepared on an individual basis. Unless specified, group work is a violation of academic integrity. It is expected that the content of your written report will reflect your thoughts and analysis rather than the work of others.

All assignments should follow the following rules:

1. All written submissions should be submitted as one hard copy and sent to me digitally in class.
2. Assignments should be typed, 1.5 spacing, on one side only of A4 white paper. Allow a minimum of 25mm (1″) on left, right, top and bottom margins. Hand written submissions, or submissions typed on colored paper will not be accepted. Inferior quality dot-matrix printers and faded, overused printer ribbon should be avoided. Don’t leave your printing for the last moment with excuses such as “printer did not work.”.
3. Assignments should have a separate cover page that should state the title of the project, the name and number of the student, and the name of the professor. There should also be a separate page for table of contents. Copies of all material submitted should be retained by the student.
4. Pages should be numbered, dated and the entire document should be securely stapled in the top left corner. Assignments will not be accepted with each page enclosed in a clear plastic envelope.

5. References
All quotations and references should be properly sourced. Inadequate details of publications and other sources will reduce the assessed grade.

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