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Case 12.1 Puma from book – Marketing Research

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Case 12.1 Puma from book – Marketing Research

Marketing Research – By A. Parasuraman, Dhruv Grewal, R. Krishnan
the question is :
Please read the mini-case: Puma carefully. All of the questions in this part related to this case study. (28 marks)

1. Identify and formulate potential research problem for Puma. It must include following components:
• Management decision problem (2 marks)
• Marketing research problem including:
• A broad statement (2 marks)
• Component questions (4 marks)
• Decision outcome (1 mark)
• What research approaches should Puma adopt and why? (5 marks)

2. Puma would like to conduct periodic research to keep at the forefront of what its market desires in the product. If you are required to develop a research proposal for this briefly describe what should be included in the proposal (9 marks ) and critically evaluate the role of such a research proposal (5 marks)

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