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In the second part of your paper, you’ll engage in a case analysis of the story presented. There’s a specific format I’d like you to follow for this portion. You’ll need access to DSM diagnostic criteria for the designated disorder to complete this portion. Those criteria can be found in your main textbook in this week’s chapter; they’re in a sidebar near the discussion of the diagnosis in question. 

Your case analysis will be evaluated in this way:

  1. Clarity of writing (3 points)
    • Deductions are made for problems with grammar or sentence structure, lack of proofreading, ideas that are expressed confusingly, etc.
  2. Diagnostic Criteria (2 points)
    • What are the DSM symptom criteria for the disorder? Describe those criteria, but don’t use any terminology you don’t understand. For any terms that are unfamiliar to you, look them up and state them in your own words. I realize that asking you to list the criteria yourself might seem like busywork, but the intent is to facilitate storage of that information, as well as give you an opportunity to look up and clarify any terminology that is unfamiliar to you.
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