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    Examine the idea of Soulmates in one or more religious philosophies and elements and how they are or differ from what is represented in elements of the plot explored in one or more of the following: Wuthering Heights, “Annabelle Lee” and any of the love...


      Blackburn is perhaps a bit scornful of the idea of ‘living unto death’, suggesting that keeping an eye on the end somehow pollutes the rest of life. Let’s float a hypothesis. You find out that you have a day, a week, a month to...

Philosophy of world religion

    Your task is to create an argument for both sides of a debate. You are to create “notecards” that you would use in your debate. You should have three “for” notecards and three “against” notecards. Each notecard should have one statement that supports one...

John Stuart Mill on Utilitarianism

      Here is the link: Only read chapter 2:http://www.earlymoderntexts.com/assets/pdfs/mill1863.pdf 1) How does Mill define the Greatest Happiness Principle? How is the principle suppose to function as a guide to moral decision-making? 2.Why is it...

Descartes’s goal

  Read the following pages: Epistemology Intro: p. 311-314 Descartes: p. 322-332 Hume: p. 333-341 Answer the following questions: Descartes: p. 324 Q 1-7, p. 333 Q 3,4 Hume: p. 335 Q 1-4, p. 341 Q2 1. What was Descartes’s goal, and what method did he employ to...
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