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You have been hired by a small book-publishing company, and you want to come up with anoriginal nonfiction book that will be successful. The book will be marketed primarily as a print edition, but it willalso be available as an e-book and audiobook. You decide to ask...

The mobile web.

Define and describe the mobile web.Describe the different generations of cell phones.Describe how smartphones differ from ordinary cell phones.Select a mobile or traditional website that interests you. Describe the site in terms of the ecosystem that makes up the...

Clinical Communication

Access the HealthIT.gov web site. Review this web page before clicking and downloading the Clinical Communication guide. Answer the following question: How many phases are assessed?Who should complete the self-assessment and evaluate potential health IT-related...

Zinn, Howard, A People’s history of the United States

Zinn, Howard, A People’s history of the United States ” In what ways could it argued that Jefferson’s ascension to the presidency represented — as he insisted — a ‘return to the revolutionary principles of’76’?” In...
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