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Can you share your HIV Status?

      You are a nursing student. You are also HIV positive because of some high-risk behaviors you engaged in a decade ago. (It seems like a lifetime ago.) You are now in a committed, monogamous relationship, and your partner is aware of your HIV...

Research essay

    Writing a fully developed essay, incorporating research and clear organization, prepares you to write successful college essays.

A current event

    In this module, you will write one blog post on a current event that deals with one of the learning objectives of the module for this week. The information for the blog can be from newspapers, magazines, research papers, etc. In addition to writing one...

Writing a Memo

    Determine appropriate rhetorical techniques to apply in response to rhetorical situations Use the writing process to discover and reassess ideas Compose valid arguments in multiple modalities Support arguments with appropriate types of evidence Evaluate...
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