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Security of Internet browsers

    How are Internet browsers protecting your security – provide 4 examples with a two-sentence supporting explanation for each of the examples? Provide two examples with two-sentences about how these protections are circumvented/thwarted Review two...


      Please describe “rooting” in a mobile forensics sense. Is rooting forensically sound? Why or why not?  

Cyber Security

    How would you minimize users clicking on links without considering the risks of their actions? How would you address Web page addresses that are disguised or take you to an unexpected site? How would you ensure that third-party software has a mechanism...

The Impact of Police Militarization

  Analyze the the militarization of police agencies and the impact it has had on relationships among police and the citizens they are employed to protect? What are the good points and bad points of militarization? Is militarization serving any legitimate purpose?...


    For the labs this week, we will be using the Lab materials provided by AWS that are part of the AWS Well-Architected Labs web site, located at: https://www.wellarchitectedlabs.com/security/ You will be assigned specific labs to execute for the week. You...
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