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Data Analysis

Results section Plan: Objectives: • In the beginning I will start by organizing and choosing which data file matches the chosen control strategy to convert it to SPSS and try to understand the scores.• Decide on type of analyses.• Then I will start by plotting the...

Data Analysis

Discuss aspects of a health concern not being addressed despite the efforts of services and partnerships involved and describe the ultimate outcome(s) or goal(s) from Healthy People 2020 relating to that specific health concern. Answer the following questions to...

Collecting Quantitative Data

Now you have the opportunity to discuss quantitative data collection tools. Based on the topic you chose forthe Week 1 assignment; Prison Overpopulation and crime controlyou will explain what data collection tool(s) you might use for your possible quantitative study...

Quantitative and qualitative data analysis

In this course, the case method is used to enable you to apply concepts, share ideas and improvecommunication skills. There are 3 cases to complete. Through case work you will discover for yourself theusefulness of concepts, how to apply them in practice and their...

Splunk search query

Which purse_transaction_ids had a total_elapse_time over 50ms the last 24 hours ? Then how many unique pulse transaction ids had a total elapse time over 50 minutes expressed as a % total of the total transaction for the period by hour ?
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