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Organizing for Collaborative Work

      Example: How do PLC’s, Data Teams, Instructional Leadership Teams help schools organize, analyze, and develop goals for improvement?

Integrating Data and the School Improvement Process

    Example: how is the use of data a vital part to moving schools? Why do you look at multiple data points? What are the dangers if the focus is limited to one data point and that one piece of data is used to make school wide decisions?

Acting on Data

    Once data is analyzed what and how does it promote change

Data Visualization (Problem Solving)

The visualization of data is an important element in most research reports. By looking at charts and graphs, readers can quickly interpret some of the data. In this assignment, you will be creating a chart from a data set on the Centers for Disease Control and...

How data analytics is different from statistics

    How is data analytics different from statistics? Analytics tools fall into 3 categories:descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive. What are the main differences among these categories? Explain how businesses use analytics to convert raw operational data...

Data Analysis

1. Is there an arbitrage in the following data? If this is the case, how much can be made risk-free? S=I20. K.= 120, r=6%. T=0.50, D0. c=10, ce6 2. A non-dividend paying stock has a 3-month forward price of 4100 and a put option price p=11.5. The three-month interest...
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