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Abandoned: Circuit City

      Please watch the following video concerning the failure of Circuit City and respond (200 words or more to include citations and references) to the questions below. Bright Sun Films. (2016, September 30). Abandoned – Circuit City [Video...

The context of self leadership

  Explain the concepts from social cognitive theory relating to the triadic reciprocal model. How do the person, behavior, and world influence one another? Are these items independent from one another or is there a continuous influential process ongoing? Explain...

Obstacles to defining the role of a leader

  One of the obstacles to defining the role of a leader is the difficulty in defining what leadership entails. Think about the role of leadership in the criminal-justice system and answer the following questions in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document: How can...

Leadership styles Konstantin Korotov, ESMT Case Study

    Scenario 1: Fire alarm in Bucharest An engineer from the Bucharest office of a global company describes a recently experienced situation. We were sitting at an extraordinary staff meeting in a windowless office in our company’s building in Bucharest....
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