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physical retail location

Imagine that you are a small online retailer and your business is picking up greatly, especially in some markets. Create a list of products that you sell, who your target market is, how you differentiate, and discuss optimal strategies for the 4Ps of marketing for...

A state regulation

a state regulation from a state of your choice on the topic below. an annotated copy of the regulation, including the sections you reviewed to answer the questions in the following format: “Frontline workers are required to be immunized for influenza and potentially...

Peer-reviewed journal in your domain

Select an article from a peer-reviewed journal in your domain, and identify the thesis and model used by the author or authors (Greene & Lidinsky, 2018, pp. 143–148). The submission should be between 75 and 150 words

“Clean Air Act Effectiveness”

Start off your post with a quick 101 on your chosen act and then do a web search on “Clean Air Act Effectiveness” or “Clean Water Act Effectiveness” and scan the listings. Are there different perspectives on effectiveness? What could be done...
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