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Public Health Agency/Organization Brochure

    -Example of brochures have been attached for reference how to complete assignment Guideline to create brochure: 1.Create a front and back brochure of a public health agency/organization. The agency/organization must address one or multiple public health...

Public Policy Analysis on Car Accidents in Florida

    Below are useful pieces of the syllabus that will help you have a better idea of what the course is about. A substantial share of public policy attention is devoted to reducing threats to the public’s health and safety. This course examines public...

Kitchenette era and the era of social/ public housing

    Compare and contrast the kitchenette era and the era of social/ public housing in terms of systems of containment: what strategies were used, what logics were deployed and what effects did they have. In relation to the discussions on public health in...

Federal Role in Public Health Preparedness

    1.Assume that you are the CEO of multi-facility health care organization, and you have reviewed with your executive team, administrative and clinical, the attached report on the use of Opioid drugs in the United States. Determine with your team, what...
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