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Finding People Who Are Passionate about What They Do

    Answer the questions to the case, “Finding People Who Are Passionate about What They Do,” at the end of Chapter 3. Include at least one outside source supporting your answers. Explain your answers in 200 words. Finding People Who Are...

Millennials in the workplace.

    There are many factors contributing to a better understanding of Millennials in the workplace. Simon Sinek dives into these factors in this episode of Inside Quest (18 minutes and 42 seconds) : After watching the short interview (18 minutes and 42...


  Reflection is a valuable endeavor that will help you relate academic concepts to the experiential and service learning components of this capstone course. Thus, you are responsible for writing a short reflection paper in which you reflect on yourself, why you...

Retirement options

    A new employee, with spouse and two children, joins your company at age 24 making $40,000 per year. Currently, banks are paying 5% interest on saving accounts, and the rate of return on the company stock is 4% per year. During benefits enrollment, the...

A documentary analysis

      Answer the question based on the documentary. What were the biggest communication problems (cultural differences) did you see between the employees of the two cultures, such as in the frontline teams, management teams, etc.? How did the cultural...
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