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Music in terms of elements

. 1. Describe music in terms of elements using appropriate vocabulary. 2. Describe music in terms of ethnic style using appropriate vocabulary. 3. Name several pieces of music and composers

Non-Western Musical Culture

  Pick a musical culture outside North America or Europe. Can you find information on this musical culture online? (If no, choose another musical culture) Describe the music (How does the music sound?) Portray the behaviors (What behaviors take place in a musical...

Why music sometimes considered controversial

  What are the various meanings of the term ‘soul’? Who were some of the architects of this music? Why was their music sometimes considered controversial? Who objected to their music and why? How were some soul songs and artists directly related to the Civil...

Jazz Concert

    Select one of the video-recorded live jazz performances to “attend” and review. Write your paper as though you are “attending” a live jazz performance. But instead of describing only the recorded venue, feel free to describe your...

The history of rock and roll

  As we have studied the development of rock and roll, we have not only examined musical styles and trends, but how they correspond with developments in social, political, and fashion areas as well. As you think about what we have studied compared to your own...
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