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Ankle swelling and fatigue in a 60yo.

        A 60yo male teacher from the local high school presents to you with complaints of swelling in the feet/ankles by the end of the day, frequent urination at night and increasing fatigue/shortness of breath upon light exercise like taking the...

Addressing Qualified Healthcare Administrator Shortage

  You will be responding to two students for this assignment. I will attach two postings that classmates of mine have made on a discussion board. You must wire a respectful response to each student (one-two paragraphs each). Response for Discussion. I will attach...

HEENT and Respiratory

    Organize the headings and content of your paper using the outline below: Select a body system relevant to the lesson from the previous week for the topic of this paper. For example, if you are writing this assignment for Week 2, then select the HEENT,...

Public health

What worked best for this online course? What was the biggest obstacle you encountered? How was the layout? What suggestion would you have for improving the course layout? Any other thoughts or suggestions?
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