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“Chrome, Firefox, or Safari”

How are Internet browsers protecting your security – provide 4 examples with a two-sentence supporting explanation for each of the examples? Provide two examples with two-sentences about how these protections are circumvented/thwarted Review two Gmail-plugins...

Listening and perception

  Watch the following Mary Fisher videos, and then address the items under the videos in your posts. Library Video: Mary Fisher: Background and Accomplishments Running Time: 1:58 minutes Library Video: Mary Fisher: 1996 AIDS Speech to the Republican National...

Communication design (graphic design, advertising, typography)

    Write an 8-10 page research paper. Your paper can be on any topic that we have gone over so far this semester, anything we are going to cover, or something that is not covered in our class but that you are very interested in exploring, as long as it...

The logics of communication

  A movie review from the movie the pursuit of happyness, what you need to do is pick a scene or two from the movie and discuss the logos or logics of communication (from the book Scott McLean Business Communication for Success, 2016) focus on the cognitive...


  From the list below, you will choose 2 of the following online interviews to watch from ABILITY Magazine’s ADA30 Summit in celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act. At least one of the interviews must be from those written in red. (You may use two of...

Teamwork in the Workplace

      Justify whether you do or do not think that teams are necessary in today’s work environment. Do you personally work better as part of a larger team, or do you prefer to work independently? Support your position with information from the...
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