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Case Study and Interventions

    The Case of Yuriko Yuriko is a 30-year-old Japanese female who seeks out counseling with you of her own accord. She specifically requested a female therapist. She works as FT/sales associate at a flooring store and seems to have a flair for color and...

Conflict Resolution

    Book: DeVito J.A. (2020) Essentials of Human Communication Chapter: 7 part 2 & 8 part 2 Description: In this discussion, you will give an opinion about which conflict resolution strategy is the most effective and explain a time in your own life in...


      We have studied the drug sub-culture and the power of drug addiction in previous segments of this course. The popularity and frequency of use of various drugs continuously ebbs and flows on both the national and local levels. Certain areas of the...

The adolescent population

    The adolescent population is often referred to as “young adults,” but in some ways, this is a misrepresentation. Adolescents are not children, but they are not yet adults either. This transition from childhood to adulthood often poses many unique...

The Effects of Homelessness on Children’s Development

    Analyzing Research Articles The purpose of this assignment is to give me experience in critically evaluating research articles and to encourage me to critically evaluate information presented in this format. Your task is to prepare a college level paper...
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