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How state judges are selected in Texas

How are state judges selected in Texas? Discuss two different methods used inother states for selecting judges. What are the arguments for each of the selectionmethods you discussed? Do you think that judges should be elected or appointed?Explain your reasoning. How...

Law Enforcement Intelligence Application

— > Summarize the key point or points most critical to the intelligence cycle.— > Also, summarize the key points in the following articleGroff, E. R., Johnson, L., Ratcliffe, J. H., & Wood, J. (2013). Exploring the relationship between foot and...

Human Rights

Identification of a relevant social problem with evidence to support your choice with citation from the UNDeclaration of Human RightsIdentification of a social policy that addresses the problemDiscussion of how you may continue to address the problem in your...

Understanding The Federal Courts

Compare and contrast judicial restraint and judicial activism by analyzing how a proponent of each would have decided the case of Brown v. Board of Education.

State laws

Provide a a brief summary of your state laws, any literature as well as how you would proceed in circumstances related to the above in your state.

Natural law, legal positivism, and historical jurisprudence

Professor Berman asserts that natural law, legal positivism, and historical jurisprudence should be integrated to explain, justify, and guide the development of law in the latter part of the twentieth century. Please choose a contemporary legal issue in the United...
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