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Been bilingual in the United States

Is it important to be bilingual in the United States?You will write a four to six-page argument essay including secondary sources.Choose one question from the seven questions listed below for your argument essay (research paper). Is it important to be bilingual in the...


What kinds of factors cause people to have a ‘foreign accent’ when they speak a second language? Mention at least one factor that has to do with phonetics and at least one that has to do with phonology. Give at least one specific example of a phonetic or...

Vocabulary Development

    Create an antonym map or chart for each of the following words:agility, eminent, accrue, arbitrate, benign, guile, obstinate, frugal, and duress. You should illustratethe meaning of the vocabulary words with a description of one of the characters from...

Learning different languages

Do you think it’s important for people to learn more than one language? Why or Why not? See-I is a 4-part essay where you will explore one particular concept in depth S- Statement. The Beginning statement will be listed in the Syllabus and in the Canvas...
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