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A sound Engineer and a Sound Designer

  1) What are the differences between a sound Engineer and a Sound Designer? (10pts) 2) Give two concrete examples of situations from each video that relate specifically to: a) The Sound Designer (20pts) b) The Sound Engineer (20pts) The examples can be related...

Geotechnical Engineering

You are working for a Geotechnical Engineering Company and your line manager is asking you to choose the most suitable software to run analysis in the context of soil-structure engineering. Your technical team needs from you a report based on the information you have...

Using PDSA Cycles by Spinning Coins

    Watch the below video and play the game. It should not take you more that 25 minutes total time. You need at least 3 people. Learn How to Use PDSA Cycles by Spinning Coins IHI open school Answer the following questions: 1-What’s your theory about what...

Building and Construction industry Ergonomic Plan

    The subject of term paper will be application of ergonomics at a workplace. So far we have learned various workplace related health and safety issues and how to prevent them. In this project, you will use following points to create an ergonomic plan to...

Construction Plan

    The floor plan below is a diagram of the second floor in a non-sprinklered mixed-use building. You are given the occupant load and the occupancy classification for each suite. Refer to International Building Code Table 1006.2.1 “Spaces with One Exit or...
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