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Unlawful intrusion into the computer of another.

  Please describe a case that has been in the news recently and describe what harm can be done by the unlawful intrusion into the computer of another. task2:words:300 Provide a real-world example or describe a hypothetical situation in which a legitimate...

White Paper:

      You are a member of a small think-tank comprised of fellow policy analysts. Your team will prepare a 10 page (minimum) (not including title page, tables, figures and references) White Paper evaluating the policy response of the United States to a...

Security Breach

    Research news stories of a major security breach that occurred on a wireless network within the last two years. Select an incident where the attack resulted in economic or political damage to the targeted organization. Write a 2- to 3-page paper @ 400...

School Shooting Aftermath

  Mr. Williams teaches tenth grade in a community where a student opened fire at another nearby high school. The students in his classes are upset at the news of the shooting and that the student has been identified as a recent transfer from their own school. He...

The severity of criminal punishment in Russia, Peter The Great Era

  Focus on the severity of criminal punishment in Russia, Peter The Great Era All the preceding essays and course-work should be seen as leading up to, and contributing to, this final paper. Feel free to use any of the text you will have written in the first...


      Can you assess the value or importance of a deposition? What, if any, difference is there in how a deposition is conducted in criminal trials v civil trials? It is suggested you review the deposition rules for your state in formulating your...
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