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Social media public relations (PR) campaign

Investigate a social media public relations (PR) campaign by an organization. Some examples of platforms are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube. The organizations can be national or local to your area. In this assignment, you will need to...

Brands, Strategic Function, & Social Media

In your initial post, comment on all 3 topics listed below.Favorite BrandsTell us about two or three brands you admire, and why you admire them. Is there a “brand idea” you see behind them (refer to the module on brand ideas for guidance)? What makes those...

Popular media events

Identify the ethical concerns exposed in a popular media event designed to entertain with the pretense oftruthful and factual representation. Include how such depiction can amount to the censoring of opposing viewsand, therefore, stifle the consumers’ freedom to...

Explanation on Journalism

Describe and provide a detailed explanation on Journalism, its history and the concept of fake news as explained in Chapter 14.


In Dr. Kyle Whyte’s paper, Indigenous Climate Change Studies: Indigenizing Futures, Decolonizing theAnthropocene he writes:Indigenous knowledges, in the simplest terms, refer to systems of monitoring, recording, communicating, andlearning about the relationships...
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