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Confucius’ work.

Use the link below to read some of Confucius’ work. What does this suggest about who he was and what he believed? What can we learn about those that were inspired by his teachings?

Conversation between two philosophers.

1.) A parrot and a 4-year-old boy are overhearing a conversation between two philosophers. One philosopher is heard asserting that he really likes Aristotle. After a few days both the parrot and the 4-year-old start using the term “Aristotle”. The parrot...

Anatomy and physiology

Using the hierarchical order of Bloom’s taxonomy for the cognitive domain, develop a learning objective related to a selected nursing course for each of the six categories of cognitive skills: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and...

What Luther means by “freedom”

The key task is to describe what Luther means by “freedom” and how this plays out in the Christian’s life. You can use other resources 1200 words Martin Luther, On the Freedom of the Christian in The Protestant Reformation, rev ed. (Hans J....

Prince Louis Napoleon

Why Prince Louis Napoleon made the following statement on the instability of the French political system: “It is very difficult in France to make reforms; we make revolutions in France, not reforms.”


Do you agree with Aristotle that virtue is a mean between two extremes? Why or why not? Give a real-world example related to your research topic as part of your answer.Required quote: In addition, give and comment on a direct quote from the Aristotle reading as part...
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