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The Simile’s in the poem “Harlem” mean to to you

s today. Have an introduction/ thesis (three ways in which the American dream of equal opportunity is deferred today). In the introduction paragraph, mention the poem “Harlem” by Langston Hughes also. In the body paragraphs: Explaining what the...

Poem analysis

Write a 2 page essay analyzing 2 poems of at least 14 lines – 1 written before 1900 and 1 written after 1900. Analyze the language for meaning, imagery, diction, and context. Analyze the poem’s structure for rhyme, rhythm, stanzas, and form. Compare the...

Poetry analysis

After reading the poetry lecture notes answer the following questions about “Hope”: · How does the poem illustrate the idea or concept of hope? · How true or adequate are the specific locations where hope be found? · How do these locations provide the grounds for a...

Dickinson’s poems

Dickinson’s poems can be very tricky to read and interpret, so let’s just focus on a single element in her poems: Pick any three of her poems from the text and identify the metaphors of various types in each poem. For each metaphor or simile, what is being...

Poetry presentation

This is the poem you will be writing on: William Butler Yeats, “The Magi” https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/poems/12892/the-magi Include some interesting information you found while researching your literary work Write approximately 500 words...
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