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Cultural communication elements/practices

    Select one of the following countries: India, Bolivia, Tunisia, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, Finland, Jamaica, United Arab Emirates, or Sri Lanka. Scenario: Your organization is opening a new international branch of operations. Six staff members have...

Cultural onion

      Now that you’ve been introduced to the cultural onion, you’ve been exposed to the 12 signal systems, and you’ve seen how to make solid observations, this week you’ll dedicate the rest of the week to making direct observations on the culture you’ve...

Introduction to state the company

Q1. External analysis (not about company). PESTEL & 5 Forces – approx. 1300 words PESTEL: 6 most important issues to be identified, discussed and each concluded as an O or a T. 5 Forces: each force to be discussed and assessed as High, Moderate or Low. Having...

The Three political subcultures

    There is a discussion of three political subcultures: individualistic, traditionalistic and moralistic. Which do you prefer? Explain.  
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