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Political Science

      Write a similar discussion post to the example. Do not copy or reword EXAMPLE DISCUSSION POST What I found interesting about this week’s lectures and readings was that the intersectionality of race and gender is very nuanced in that it is so small...

Capitalism and freedom

    Does capitalism promote or undermine individual freedom? Is capitalism best understood as a system of exchange or a system of production? Compare and contrast Friedman and McNally on their respective conceptions of capitalism, individual freedom and the...

American Government

  What makes a person liberal or conservative? First of all, what beliefs do liberals and conservatives hold? Second, to what extent do liberals and conservatives agree with one another over basic American values? What factors might explain why an individual is...


    Engaging with Kendi, Wong, and a trustworthy outside source of your own choice, write an original essay of no fewer than 6 full pages (not including the Works Cited page). Some questions you could consider: How is our culture in the U.S. structured so...

Drug Cartels and their Interference in Politics

    https://www.panoramas.pitt.edu/larr/drug-cartels-and-their-interference-politics-loss-electoral-competitiveness-municipal-elections After reading the Ponce article on Drug Cartels and their Interference in Politics, find an example from a different news...

The Events and The Results George Floyd Death

  Your assignment for the ePortfolio Project is to research the case more and write a report about it applying what you have learned this semester. Examine the events that occurred after the 911 call was received as well as the prosecutions and civil unrest that...
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