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Mar-Bal’s New ERP System Case Study

  Read Case Study 5-23 Mar-Bal’s New ERP System (AIS AT WORK An ERP Success Story at Mar-Bal) on pages 156 and pages 151-152 in Core Concepts of Accounting Information Systems. See the following links for the complete case study:...

Emergency Operations Plan (EOP),

    You’ve been tasked to revise your jurisdiction’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), which has not been updated for several years. Based on the readings and lectures, identify and explain the planning milestones you would implement in order to ensure the...

Short story – StreetCa

  Recall Stanley’s mood in scene 2 and his conflict/argument/fight with Blanche? Whom would you say won? Read the stage directions for scene 3 on page 41. Notice the description of the light and the colors the men are wearing, along what is said about the men....

Disaster recovery bcp

      Server rooms often have halogen/halon systems for extinguishing fires. An accidental discharge of the halogen/halon could have disastrous results. What are the effects of halogen/halon systems on equipment and personnel? Should this possibility be...
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