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A Python program using a while loop

Write a Python program using a while loop to print the addition (add1) of all numbers from 100 to 0. In the same file, use a for loop to print the same addition (add2). At the end of your program you should check that the two results (add1 and add2) are the same and...

Problems Of Practice

Discuss a potential problem of practice 400-600 words Respond to the following prompts as an exercise to help you start to focus that understanding: Describe a potentially problematic issue, an ongoing problem, or a challenging situation that could be improved at the...

System of “shared sovereignty”

In the United States we have a system of “sharedsovereignty” meaning that some powers are expressly federal and some powershave been reserved to the states. In this assignment write 3-5 page essay thatincludes the following: Anexplanation of the state-federal...

R Studio

Explore the airquality dataset by performing the following steps Calculate the number of many variables, size of the data, …Is this Big Data?Calculate summary statisticsIs there missing data? If so, which variables are most affected?Visualize each variable...
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