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Film Business

    Use this file in input your answers. Please include citation and any excel files with same name format as below. Please name file Chapter 02 Homework Mission Statement and Productivity_yourlastname.doc Chapter 2 Homework Assignment Part 1. For your...


Topic will be a film called “Moonlight” —A superb film about a boy growing up poor with a drug-addicted mother and finding strength and love within the gay community. Link to the movie:...

The New Corporation film

  Provide an analysis of the issues raised about the corporation in the film The New Corporation (or the original film, The Corporation). How did the corporation get so much power, according to Nace? Using examples from the film, explain how its legal form give...

Film analysis

    Write a critical analysis of one of the films assigned in the winter term. Use the discussion question posted in the Assignment #2 handout as your guide. You must use at least two readings assigned in the winter term, focus on a key concept, and compare...

The movie Judas and the Black Messiah

In the introduction of this paper summarize the movie Judas and the Black Messiah using critical thinking skills. You are permitted to introduce the characters that you will use as a focus point throughout the paper. Introduce 4 themes and 2 policies from the movie...

The Robbers.

    In what ways does The Robbers resemble the mythology and narratives of 20th century Hollywood western films? Please READ the play “The Robbers” by Friedrich von Schiller. Please make sure there are no fewer than 8 citations The primary source...
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