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Security architecture and design

    Students required to create 1 new thread (200 words), and Make sure to explain and backup your responses with facts and examples. What does an assessor need to understand before she or he can perform an assessment?  ...

The backstage tour of the lighting for Wicked.

Video featuring Designers Natasha Katz and Howell Binkley Instructions In a discussion format, you will explain: What is the creative role of the lighting designer when designing lights for a production. Please use examples from the lecture and both videos to support...

Mussorgsky’s Pictures

  Please listen to Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition which he composed for solo piano (Links to an external site.) and then listen to Ravel’s arrangement of the same piece for orchestra (Links to an external site.). Listen carefully for the...

An exhibition about 20th century history,.

Imagine a museum has commissioned you and your World Politics buddies to come up with an exhibition about 20th century history, particularly political history. This museum has asked you to come up with a series of objects that will make visitors to the museum connect...

Modern Times Artwork

      Materials: Complete the abstract artwork portion of your cumulative project using the media of your choice. You are welcome to create your work with paint, color pencil, crayon, digitally, or other media of your choice. Select the materials that...
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