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A Buddhist, a Christian Priest, and an Epicurean

A Buddhist, a Christian Priest, and an Epicurean of no particular title walk into a bar. Write a conversation inwhich the three deal with a practical, real-life problem, and each tells the others how a person should deal withthe problem and live their life. Each of...

The definition of “Religion.”

Given your study, offer and defend a definition of“Religion.” Over the last seven weeks you have studied the major religions of the world as well as other minor religions.Some of the ideas you had about what religious people believe or do may have been illustrated or...

The teachings of Jesus and Buddha.

Watch video – https://youtu.be/tilBs32zN7I Compare and contrast the teachings of Jesus and Buddha.What are some main differences between Buddhism and Christianity,Judaism, and Islam?How might Jesus have responded to the following line from the Buddha’s...


In your own words, briefly explain the 5 official Pillars of Islam: Shahadah: Salat: Sawm: Zakat: Hajj: In your own words, briefly explain: Rasul: Food: Halal, Mashbuh/Mushtabahat, Makruh, Haram:

“Build a cathedral.”

Employees who are highly engaged are committed to their work and see themselves as helping “build a cathedral.” Disengaged employees have essentially checked out—they are merely “laying bricks” for a paycheck, not building a cathedral.  According to the Gallup report...
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