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The virus explorer application

      Open the virus explorer application developed by BioInteractive https://media.hhmi.org/biointeractive/click/virus-explorer/index.html Select one interesting virus (cannot select coronavirus as it was discussed in lecture) and complete the table...

Single vs double precision

    The difference between the precision of a measurement and the terms single and double precision, as they are used in computer science, typically to represent floating-point numbers that require 32 and 64 bits, respectively.”  ...

Big Data Risks and Rewards

      When you wake in the morning, you may reach for your cell phone to reply to a few text or email messages that you missed overnight. On your drive to work, you may stop to refuel your car. Upon your arrival, you might swipe a key card at the door...

Cloud Management Tools

    Please select at least 3 tools from the list below and prepare a summary to compare the features of the selected tools. Your summary must be less than 2 pages in length. Tool Name URL RackWare https://www.rackwareinc.com/ Apptio https://www.apptio.com/...
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