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Closing a deal is both an art and a science

Closing a deal is both an art and a science. Due to the variability of the sales interaction, consultants must artfully apply the closing steps at the same time they are administering the steps scientifically when closing a deal. Conduct research on the art and...

Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome is another genetic disorder. Why is the Punnett Square not a good tool for predicting if offspring will have Down Syndrome? Why does the risk for Down’s Syndrome increase with maternal age?

Science research of meditation

Write a 1200 word paper answering the following questions:What is at stake in the scientific research of meditation? Who benefits or suffers from this exponential increase in research and why? Why should people who have no interest in meditation care about this?

Current Earth Sciences events in the news

Your discussion choices are also up to you, with the only stipulation being that your discussions are Earth Science focused. Examples of the most popular topic types are: Current Earth Science events in the news.An Earth Science documentary watched (either for the...
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